More and more people prefer to live in the countryside, away from noise and urban hustle. Cottages and country houses are becoming increasingly popular, and construction companies now offer comprehensive construction services, which include all stages from design to landscaping the plot.

One of the essential elements of a country house is verandas and terraces. They not only adorn the building's facade but also create a cozy space for relaxation and socializing with friends and family. Cold glazing, aluminum glazing, plastic windows, and American windows - all these are important elements of verandas and terraces design.

Vertical glazing, sliding glazing, and slider systems
Our company specializes in glazing buildings and structures of various complexity. We offer a wide range of services, including sliding glazing, frameless glass railings, mosquito nets, facade glazing, and aluminum facades.

Sliding glazing is a modern and elegant solution that allows maximizing the use of space, providing a beautiful view from the window, and enhancing the room's brightness. Our specialists have extensive experience in installing and adjusting slider systems, ensuring perfect quality.

Hardware for glazing: an important element of frameless glazing
Frameless glazing is one of the most modern and stylish solutions for interior and exterior design. It makes the room more spacious and bright, providing a beautiful view from the window. In this article, we will look at an essential element of frameless glazing - hardware, and how to choose it for maximum stability and safety.
Hardware for frameless glazing is the mechanisms and fastening elements that ensure the reliability and stability of the structure. The quality of hardware directly affects the durability and safety of glazing, so it is essential to choose it with special attention.

Glazing insulation and safety systems
When choosing hardware for frameless glazing, it is important to pay attention to insulation and safety systems. These elements not only provide a comfortable temperature in the room but also guarantee the reliability and safety of the entire structure.
At Aluminante, we use only high-quality hardware with insulation, which provides effective protection against cold and noise. We also offer security systems, including smart locks.

Frameless glass railings are an excellent way to create a transparent and stylish interior. Our experienced specialists will find the optimal solution for your room, considering your preferences and requirements.

Mosquito nets are an essential element of comfort in hot weather. Our nets provide reliable protection against insects and allow you to enjoy fresh air without the fear of mosquito bites and other insects.
Facade glazing and aluminum facades are high-tech solutions that allow creating durable and reliable structures that maintain their functionality and aesthetics for a long time.

We use only quality materials and professional equipment, ensuring high-quality work and durability of the structures. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner in the field of glazing buildings and structures, then contact us - we will be happy to help you implement all your ideas and desires!

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