The global reach and local presence in the production of aluminum profiles, accessories and building systems means that together we can shape a brighter future. Our systems are available in more than 40 countries around the world.
Aluminante is a patented brand engaged in the production of aluminum architectural systems on extrusion presses with a capacity of 1,800, 2,200 and 2,800 tons, located in one complex erected on a covered area of 32,000 m2 by 60,000 m2.
The annual production volume is 22,000 tons and the production of any kind of profiles with a diagonal width from 1 cm to 32 cm is carried out.
The anodizing zone has an annual anodizing production volume of 11,000 tons of profiles. The length of local installations is 8 meters and profiles up to 7.60 m long can be anodized in them.


Along with the standard coating of 12 microns, it is also possible to carry out a special anodic coating, depending on the customer's wishes, from 5 microns to 30 microns.
The electrostatic painting lines are equipped with a 36-meter-long furnace and a double cabin for electrostatic painting. During the year, 7,000 tons of aluminum profiles up to 7.80 cm long are painted in 180 different colors according to the RAL scale
On a modern production line, where it is possible to carry out such procedures as cutting, perforation, bending, shearing and barcoding, processing procedures of any kind of profiles are carried out and packed according to the individual order of our customers.
At the anodizing plant, which has the most advanced technology in all of Turkey, it is simultaneously possible to anodize profiles in glossy shiny, satin, matte, silver, yellow, bronze and black colors.
Our company exports 40% of its products to many countries of the world, and also provides services to about 300 distributors and corporate clients within the country.
Being the leaders in the sector of aluminum hinged facades, doors and windows, 55% of the total production consists of such architectural products as door, window and facade profiles, as well as pergola sun protection systems and frameless glazing systems are gaining popularity.
There are such quality certificates and standards as TSE, GOST, CE, CTP, ISO, QUALONAT, with its high performance, a wide range of profiles in series and production experience, I am ready to offer you the best profiles and profile systems.
The production is carried out with water cooling from various hardness from f18 to f31 alloys 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, 6082. Our products comply with DIN 120, 12021, 12022 standards.
All forms of aluminum profile systems are produced in the molding, located in the structure of our plant, equipped with the latest CNC machines and equipment. The annual production volume is 1,400 pieces. The formwork systems developed in the research department of our company are produced with great precision and after passing through a number of tests, the production of profiles begins.