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Aluminante proudly presents the cutting-edge Innowall Uficio office partition system and the Adoor office door system. Our product range includes the QYU 30, QYU 35, QYU 45, QYU 48, QYU 86, and QYU 100 systems. With our thoughtfully designed office structures, we offer more than just functionality; we create unique and captivating interiors that elevate your workspace.

Modern office partitions allow you to seamlessly blend personal and collaborative spaces. Our stationary office partitions offer limitless configuration options, tailored to your room's purpose and your preferences. Designed to complement other interior elements such as floors and ceilings, our structural elements seamlessly integrate into any office design.

Aluminante's office partitions can be effortlessly installed in both bare and renovated spaces, with minimal disruption to regular office operations. Thanks to the high level of craftsmanship in our assembly process, installation is swift and efficient.

We offer a versatile range of partition options, allowing you to mix blind and glass sections. Choose from a wide variety of colors, types, and textures for blind partitions, or opt for our glass partitions available in tinted, frosted, decorative, or standard glass, complemented by an array of blinds in different colors and types.

The Innowall Uficio stationary office partitions are intelligently designed to adapt to various functional spaces. Whether it's an office or any other commercial area, our partitions allow for flexible and efficient organization, catering to your specific needs. Our structures are not limited to office spaces and are successfully deployed in sales areas, exhibition centers, and more.

Advantages of choosing Aluminante's office partitions:
- No need for approvals or permits, as required in the case of traditional concrete, brick, or aerated concrete structures.
- Optimal balance between price and quality.
- Exceptional durability with a lifespan of up to 35 - 45 years and high resistance to wear and corrosion, effectively handling heavy loads.
- Swift construction process with affordable component replacement and repairs.
- Space-saving design, with our partitions being 2-3 times thinner than brick or aerated concrete alternatives.
- Excellent sound insulation and easy maintenance for a comfortable workspace.
- Unlimited design possibilities with the flexibility of aluminum, enabling innovative office zoning systems with custom shapes.

- Our partition structures feature a sturdy aluminum frame as the foundation.
- The frame is skillfully assembled using steel corners.
- Snap-on caps securely hold the filling in place.
- A slender 38 mm visible width of the caps adds visual lightness and transparency to the structure.
- The partition thickness is 70 mm.
- The same versatile profile is used as both a post and a transom in the system.

Choose Aluminante for sophisticated office partition systems that redefine your workspace's functionality and aesthetics. Experience the future of office design with our innovative solutions!

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