Windows and doors are not just elements of the external appearance of the house, they play an important role in creating comfort and safety inside the premises. The right choice of material for window and door constructions is of great importance. The best modern solution in this area are aluminum door frames and window frames from ALUMINANTE

Window and Door Systems

Panoramic windows AW /Aluminum doors AD

The lightness of the design makes it possible to glaze large areas without additional reinforcement

Lifting and sliding doors AGIO

The lifting and sliding door design embodies the modern idea of movable glazing of an external doorway

Aluminium folding doors PIEGA

Warm accordion doors are the best solution for saving space in the room, as well as the functionality and comfort of your home

Pleated mosquito net LAU PLISSE

Mosquito net with reflective effect in combination with pleated technology and other products

One of the key advantages of aluminum windows and door frames from ALUMINANTE is their reliability and durability. Aluminum is a material that has outstanding resistance to external influences. This means that aluminum door systemswill retain their pristine appearance for many years without being corroded or deformed by weather conditions. This is especially important in a changing weather and harsh climate.

Aluminum doors and window frames from the manufacturer offer a wide range of design options. The material is easy to work with, allowing you to create not only modern and minimalist frames, but also more traditional styles to suit any architectural style of home. The large selection of aluminum colors and textures allows frames to be customized to suit design preferences.

Features of constructions

ALUMINANTE modern aluminum doors and windows are highly energy efficient. Thanks to the use of thermal break profiles and modern sealing technologies, they help to keep heat inside the room and reduce heating costs. In addition, aluminum window frames effectively reduce noise, ensuring a quiet home, which is especially important for living and working spaces.

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable. This makes it an excellent choice for those who care about the environment. At the same time, aluminum door and window frames are easy and economical to transport, which also reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Commercial aluminum doors and windows from ALUMINANTE are a modern and reliable solution for any building. They combine durability, aesthetics, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Regardless of the style, aluminum doors with windows will create a comfortable and safe space. At the same time, they will serve faithfully for many years, making your home or office warm, beautiful and cozy.

Energy efficiency and noise insulation

Price of aluminum door frames and window frames from ALUMINANTE can vary depending on several key factors:

  • Material and quality. The aluminum used for frames itself can vary in quality. High quality alloys with special elements added make aluminum frames and doors as strong and durable as possible, but they can also be more expensive. Other factors such as coating, seals and fittings also determine door aluminum prices and windows.
  • Size and complexity. Large and non-standard sizes of windows and doors may require more material and labor in production, which in turn will increase the cost of aluminum windows. If the windows or doors have complex architectural elements or designs, this can also increase the price.
  • Type of glass. The choice of glass (energy saving, soundproof, etc.) can affect aluminum window frame prices. More modern glass provides additional features, but it may cost more.
  • Design and finishes. Decorative elements, additional finishes and color options can increase the overall price of aluminum window systems and doors. The manufacturer may offer different styles and options for customization.
  • Energy Efficiency Level. High-performance windows and doors designed to minimize heat loss and improve insulation are usually more expensive, but they can save you money on heating and air conditioning in the future.
  • Based on these factors, aluminum door with frame prices can vary considerably. It is therefore advisable to consult the manufacturer to obtain an accurate price, taking into account individual needs and preferences.

The cost of such constructions