ASB 07
ASB 07 Sun Protection System - Efficient and Stylish Sun Solution

Modern windows are incomplete without sun protection systems, which offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal to window design.

Aluminante's ASB 07 sun protection system, crafted from durable aluminum, effectively shields your space from direct sunlight and prying eyes. The system features outdoor sun protection with aluminum lamellas available in various shapes, providing effective defense against the sun, wind, inclement weather, and unwanted onlookers. Notably, it enhances building facades without obstructing the view from inside to the street.

Architecturally versatile, the ASB 07 system serves a dual purpose. It guards against harsh sunlight during summers while facilitating increased natural light entry during colder seasons. This intelligent design optimizes energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. Additionally, the adjustable slats enhance indoor comfort by regulating sunlight intensity. The inclusion of elliptical sun slats allows for mobility and flexibility, with options for vertical or horizontal positioning at different angles. Lamella width ranges from 100 to 550 mm, suitable for mounting on both aluminum facade systems and supporting structures of the building.

Experience the Benefits:
- Unobstructed Illumination: ASB 07 creates permeable fences, ensuring that louvered facades maintain adequate room illumination.
- Hassle-Free Installation: Its straightforward installation process and minimal part processing contribute to efficient and timely completion of projects.
- Enhanced Glass Protection: Protect your glass surfaces from excessive heat and sun damage.
- Durable and Recoverable: The robust aluminum lamellas can withstand hail impacts and falling snow, and they can be easily restored in case of deformation.
- Optimal Lighting: Enjoy even light distribution, creating a comfortable environment for your eyes.
- Cost-Effective: The sun protection and thermal insulation of your space reduce heating and cooling costs, with the added advantage of minimal maintenance requirements for external blinds.

Technical Specifications:
- Exterior Enhancement: The ASB 07 system complements and decorates your facade's exterior.
- Comprehensive Profile Options: Choose from a range of profiles, including rack, thermal bridge, steel plate, and PVC profiles.
- Diverse Elements: The system includes a cracker element, clamping bar profile, decorative cover profile, gasket, lamella profile, end cap, and bracket, with reliable fasteners.

Elevate your space with Aluminante's ASB 07 Sun Protection System - a blend of efficiency, style, and enduring performance. Enjoy the perfect harmony of natural light and comfort while reducing energy consumption. Experience hassle-free installation and long-lasting protection for your interiors.

Sun Protection System ASB 07