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Welcome to Aluminante, the leading provider of ORİZZONTE frameless sliding glazing systems. Our innovative system is designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of various spaces, including verandas, terraces, cafes, restaurants, gazebos, and shop windows. With our frameless sliding glazing solution, you can enjoy unobstructed panoramic views while benefiting from easy operation and protection against adverse weather conditions.

Key Features:

1. Frameless Sliding Design: Our system offers a sleek and light appearance with sliding sashes that move effortlessly on rails. Even for larger structures, the sashes operate smoothly and silently, allowing you to enjoy the view without any hindrance.

2. Maximum Opening: The sliding panoramic glazing system opens almost the entire part of the opening, maximizing the available space and not obstructing the view. Whether you want to embrace the beauty of nature during summer or protect your interior from inclement weather, our glazing system provides a versatile solution.

3. High-Quality Materials: The guides are made of durable aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. We use stainless steel fittings and 8-10 mm tempered glass for added strength and safety. Felt seals between the sashes contribute to efficient insulation.

4. Customizable Options: Choose from a range of sizes, including a maximum width of 1000 mm and height of 3000 mm. You can also opt for a wood structure decoration to complement your existing aesthetic. Our system is compatible with Quadro railings and offers various opening configurations, including center opening and right/left side shift.

5. Three and Five Rail Guide: Depending on your requirements, you can select the 3-rail or 5-rail profile. The 3-rail profile allows for a 2/3 opening width, while the 5-rail profile secures a 4/5 opening width. These systems can be extended to any desired width, and dual sets of rails enable openings on both sides.

6. Low and High Threshold Options: Our glazing system caters to different needs with high and low threshold profiles. The high threshold profile, with its flat and smoothed lower profile of only 35 mm thickness, ensures easy passage and is ideal for verandas, terraces, gazebos, and internal glass sliding partitions. The low threshold profile provides a seamless transition without obstruction, effectively sealing the space and protecting against dirt, dust, and water.

7. Durable and Easy Maintenance: ORİZZONTE is built to last, with aluminum profiles resistant to corrosion and wear. The system requires low maintenance, and cleaning or glass replacement is a breeze. Our expert team handles the complete installation process, from design to commissioning, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Experience the ORİZZONTE Difference:
- Modern aesthetic form that complements any space
- Expansive and uninterrupted views
- Wide range of color options to match your preferences
- Versatility in the number of glass panels used
- Easy installation and user-friendly operation
- Silent operation for undisturbed enjoyment
- Efficient management of fresh air circulation
- Strong resistance to wind pressure and dynamic loads
- Low maintenance and hassle-free cleaning
- Comprehensive safety features
- Effortless opening and closing mechanism
- Optimized space utilization
- Exceptional durability for long-lasting performance

Our range includes several options for systems:
Orizzonte Q 55 Premium
Orizzonte Q 56 Standard.

- New generation system with modern aesthetic design
- Frameless sliding slide system
- Unlimited field of view
- Wide range of colors
- Variable number of glass panels
- Various size options
- Easy installation and use
- Silent operation
- Control of fresh air in enclosed spaces
- Resistant to high wind pressure and dynamic load
- Low operating costs, easy cleaning, and glass replacement
- Safety ensured by precautionary measures
- Easy opening and closing
- Maximization of space utilization
- Durability
- Attractive price

- Guide material: aluminum
- Stainless steel hardware
- 8-10 mm tempered glass filling
- Felt seals between panels
- Maximum width of one panel: 1000 mm
- Maximum height of one panel: 3000 mm
- Possibility of wood-like decoration
- Mounting on Quadro railings is possible
- Opening options: from the center, sliding to the right/left
- Panels without vertical profiles
- Possibility of concealed wall installation
- Corner connection using magnetic tape (without additional post)
- Corner connection using an additional post
- Installation option where bottom and top guides are concealed in the floor and ceiling
- Possibility to close openings up to 11,000 mm without additional beams (5+5 panels)
- High threshold: 35 mm
- Low threshold: 7 mm
- Possibility of wood-like decoration.

Discover the convenience and elegance of ORİZZONTE frameless sliding glazing systems. Contact Aluminante today to bring a new generation of design to your space.

Frameless Sliding Glazing System