In the world of building innovation, aluminum facade systems from ALUMINANTE have become a real revolution. They are modern solutions that change the way buildings are clad, giving them a unique look and additional functional features.

Facade systems

The lightness of the design makes it possible to glaze large areas without additional reinforcement

Skylight has an increased degree of tightness of double–glazed windows, noise and thermal insulation

The design increases the comfort level of the premises by adjusting the intensity of sunlight 

Aluminium facade systems are innovative solutions for cladding buildings and creating facades using aluminum panels and profiles. They open up new possibilities for architects and designers, allowing them to realize the most daring ideas in the field of exterior design of buildings.

Aluminum facades are widely used in modern architecture, giving buildings an original and modern look. They are used to clad various types of buildings:
  • residential;
  • commercial;
  • public facilities.

These systems allow architects to experiment with the shape, texture and color of facades. The features of aluminum façade systems are:
  • Aluminum facade is characterized by outstanding lightness and strength.
  • One of the important characteristics of aluminum facade systems is their thermal insulation capacity. Special layers and seals ensure minimum heat loss, which reduces heating and air conditioning costs.

What kind of systems are these?