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At Aluminante, we offer top-of-the-line SPARBU Q35 One automatic sliding doors, an ideal solution for spaces with high foot traffic. Our automatic doors are designed to provide convenience, safety, and a touch of modern elegance to various environments. Whether you need them for shopping and entertainment centers, business complexes, administrative buildings, educational institutions, or even private homes, our automatic doors are the perfect fit.
Our SPARBU Q35 One automatic doors come with two distinct design options - durable aluminum massive doors or delicate all-glass frames framed in aluminum structures. These doors not only meet technical safety and comfort requirements for areas with a large concentration of people but also boast a sleek and contemporary design.

The installation of automatic doors is hassle-free. Each door sash is suspended on trolleys, which are equipped with bearings and small wheels that move smoothly along the main rail. A vibration damping pad ensures smooth operation and reduces noise.
To minimize the penetration of cold air and eliminate drafts, we recommend installing paired automatic sliding doors. One door remains closed while people pass through the other, reducing heat loss and enhancing energy efficiency.

Our automatic doors offer various modes of operation, including "open," "closed," "exit only," and "automatic." You can also choose whether the door will open fully or partially, with partial opening being ideal for the winter season. For added security, consider our electromagnetic protection system to lock the doors at the end of the day.

Advantages of Aluminante SPARBU Q35 One Automatic Doors:
- Compact height, requiring only 8 cm of overlap above the opening for installation.
- Exceptional durability with up to 1 million cycles before the first maintenance.
- Wide range of safety devices available in different combinations.
- Additional functions such as "postman," "vestibule," and "night mode."
- Customization options, including glass tinting and brand name application.
- Ability to paint the frame profiles and electric drive box in your corporate color.
- Compatibility with the EElink communication protocol for advanced programming.

Main Characteristics:
- Maximum weight of 1st / 2nd sashes: 75 kg / 125 kg and 150 kg / 250 kg, respectively.
- Maximum speed of opening the passage: 1.4 m / s and 2.0 m / sec for the two options.
- Maximum speed of closing the passage: 0.8 m / s for both options.

Our automatic doors are created using cutting-edge microprocessor technology, featuring a display for easy programming and automatic parameter adjustment. The cushioned guide and profiled wheels ensure silent and smooth movement of the sashes.
Experience the convenience, style, and reliability of Aluminante SPARBU Q35 One automatic sliding doors. Enhance your space today by choosing Aluminante - your trusted partner for premium automatic door solutions.

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