AGIO: Lifting and Sliding Aluminum Doors by Aluminante

Experience the modern concept of moving large-size glazing with AGIO Lift and Slide door construction by Aluminante. Our lifting-sliding doors are renowned for their functionality and stylish design, making them the perfect solution for creating a large, light-filled opening.

Key Benefits:
- Tightness and Thermal Insulation: AGIO lift-and-slide doors provide reliable room protection, excellent natural lighting, and improved thermal insulation, resulting in energy savings and enhanced comfort.
- Versatility in Design: These doors can seamlessly replace walls, visually connecting terraces and interior spaces. They are ideal for various settings, from country houses to luxurious hotel rooms and small office premises.

Area of Use:
Perfect for glazing winter gardens, terraces, pools, and more, AGIO lift-and-slide doors can transform bedrooms or living rooms into brighter and more spacious areas. The sliding mechanism allows for almost sliding "walls," while maintaining exceptional tightness and thermal insulation.

Features of AGIO Sliding System:
- Thermal Insulation: Our sliding structures excel in thermal insulation, making them a top choice for passive houses, reducing heat consumption while maximizing the glazing area.
- Ease of Use: AGIO doors are effortless to open and come with a low threshold, simplifying maintenance and providing easy access.
- Multiple Versions: AGIO is available in two versions: AGIO Q66 Premium Pro and AGIO Q67 Standard, offering various configurations to suit your needs.

- Multi-Leaf Opening: AGIO provides the option of 2, 3, and 4-leaf openings.
- Large Sizes:With a maximum structure size of up to 12 meters, AGIO
offers expansive glazing options.
- Sleek Design: The visible sash width is only 75mm or 110mm,
creating a minimalist and transparent appearance.
- Durable and Secure: AGIO features reliable anti-burglar fittings,
ensuring hermetic closure and enhanced security.
- Highly Customizable: Choose from different RAL colors or
anodizing options to suit your aesthetic preferences.
- Intelligent Drainage: The low-profile threshold incorporates
an intelligent drainage system for effective water management.

Technical Specifications
- Sash Weight: 200-400 kg
- Material:Aluminum with 16mm thermal bridge in the frame and sashes.
- Frame Depth: 60mm
- Accessories: High-quality GU fittings from Germany
- Max Sash Width: 2500mm
- Max Sash Height: 3000mm
- Glass Thickness: 6mm to 52 mm
- Thermal Insulation (UF): 2.25 W/m²K
- Gaskets: EPDM Gaskets for superior sealing
- Color Options Available in any RAL color with optional
wood-like decoration for a classic touch.
- High Thermal Insulation: Uf = 2.45-1.83 W/(m3K), depending on the profiles used.

Lifting and Sliding Aluminum Doors

Discover the beauty and functionality of AGIO lifting and sliding doors. Enjoy enhanced aesthetics, natural light, and energy efficiency in your living spaces. Contact us today to explore customization options and find the perfect AGIO solution for your project.