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Aluminante is a leading Turkish manufacturer specializing in aluminum architectural systems. Our product range encompasses aluminum profiles, awnings, and bioclimatic pergolas, frameless glazing, automatic guillotine windows, doors, roofs, as well as patio constructions and aluminum fences. We deliver high-quality, stylish, and functional solutions to our clients for construction and reconstruction projects

Discover the transformative power of aluminium with ALUMINANTE. Whether you are looking for cutting-edge designs, sustainable solutions, or superior products, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your needs.
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Shaping a Brighter Future in Aluminium Production
Welcome to ALUMINANTE, your trusted partner in the global production of aluminum profiles, accessories, and building systems. With a strong global reach and local presence, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the industry. Our systems are available in over 40 countries worldwide, ensuring our impact is felt far and wide.
Aluminante: A Patented Brand for Innovative Architectural Systems
At Aluminante, we take pride in our status as a patented brand specializing in the production of aluminum architectural systems on advanced extrusion presses. This cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver superior quality and precision in every product we create.
Annual Production Volume of 22,000 Tons and Custom Profiles
This demonstrates our capacity to meet the demands of various industries with ease. From standard profiles to custom designs, we have the expertise and resources to fulfill any requirement.


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At ALUMINANTE, we provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions in the field of design and production of aluminum profiles, accessories, and architectural aluminum systems. Additionally, we offer systems specifically tailored for industrial applications. Explore the opportunities available to you and unlock the full potential of aluminum in your projects

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We are open for cooperation with metal profile processors, manufacturers of metal structures, developers, construction companies, architects and designers. We will be glad to offer you individual conditions of joint work.


Our contacts in Turkey of the sales Department, factory, production, Showroom can be viewed in the "Contacts" section


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