Frameless Glass Fence Systems
Welcome to Vetro - your ultimate destination for sophisticated and modern frameless glass fence systems. Vetro Q85 Pro embodies the pinnacle of architectural ingenuity, offering an innovative approach to enclosing structures. As a trend in contemporary architecture, glass is progressively replacing traditional materials for constructing stairs and fences. Our glass fences, devoid of traditional posts, serve both a load-bearing (enclosing) and decorative function.

Structure and Design:
The foundation of our glass fence is a robust aluminum profile securely attached to the floor. We use thick glass, fastened with wedge-shaped clamps, to ensure utmost stability and safety. Typically, our glass fences consist of two 8-10 mm tempered glass layers (triplex), but we also offer options with single-layer tempered glass in 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm thicknesses.

Installation and Customization:
Our glass fences feature adjustable clamps that allow precise vertical alignment for each glass panel, creating a seamless, uniform plane. A handrail is typically installed on the glass, although it can also be attached to the side or excluded altogether. The height of the fence is 1200 mm, and it is fastened to the end of balconies or terraces using point fixings made of stainless steel, which can be painted in any desired color.

Unparalleled Aesthetics:
The key distinction of Aluminante's all-glass Vetro fences lies in the absence of bulky supports. The glass itself serves as the supporting structure, enhancing the unobstructed view. All glass sheets are meticulously secured with specialized fasteners, ensuring both aesthetics and structural integrity. For stairs installations, the fence can be equipped with handrails made of various materials, offering versatile design options.

Endless Possibilities:
Our glass fences can be adorned with special decorations like engraving or grinding, showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship. Modern, high-precision equipment enables us to produce glass sheets of various shapes and sizes, including flat and curved glass, opening up a world of creative possibilities for designers and architects.

Versatile Applications:
Thanks to their versatility, all-glass structures find applications in diverse settings, including terraces, shopping centers, office premises, swimming pools, and country houses. With their ability to integrate seamlessly into any exterior style, our glass fences add an exclusive touch to any property.

Key Features:
- Exclusivity and adaptability to any exterior style
- Unobstructed view without bulky mounts
- Suitable for various building types and premises
- Maximum area protection without massive fasteners and frames
- Easy and quick assembly without additional repair work
- Exceptional safety with extra-strong tempered or triplex glass materials
- Fast installation and convenient service.

- Material: Aluminum profile
- Tempered glass filling: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm
- Finishes: Anodizing, Powder coating in any RAL color
- Optional wood-like decoration for the structure.

Experience the elegance and safety of our frameless glass fence systems. Vetro by Aluminante - elevating modern architecture to new heights. Contact us for expert assistance and turn your design dreams into reality!

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