Sliding Glass Enclosure ORIZZONTE THERMO Q58 Thermo

The ORIZZONTE THERMO sliding glass enclosure system is a new category of interior design that visually expands space, gives it a unique look, and makes it brighter, open, and inviting. This sliding glass enclosure system with 20mm glazing is designed for warm glass enclosures of terraces, gazebos, and verandas. By incorporating double glazing, the system enhances the frameless glass enclosure of your property, making it warmer and more practical.

The sliding panel system with smooth sliding operation is a unique frameless glass enclosure solution for any type of opening. It features a sleek design and effortless usability as the panels glide smoothly along the rails with the help of rollers, ensuring quiet and seamless operation even for larger structures.

One of the advantages of this system is its bottom-rolling design, which means that the weight of the panels is supported by the floor. The panels are interconnected and move independently, allowing you to close the entire system by simply pushing the first panel, causing the rest to follow and align automatically. This sliding system provides an 80% clear opening, maximizing the view.

Each panel moves on rollers that rest on the lower profile, which is directly mounted on the floor covering such as tiles or decking. This configuration creates excellent sliding doors at the center of the system. The 20mm energy-efficient glazing used in the system provides warmth and creates a quiet and peaceful living space with sound insulation.

ORIZZONTE THERMO sliding glass is ideal for enclosures such as:
- Balconies and loggias
- Verandas
- Terraces
- Winter gardens
- Cottages and gazebos
- Showcases in large shopping centers
- Office partitions

Advantages of the system:
- Significantly better thermal insulation than single-glazed systems
- Increased soundproofing
- No condensation on the glass
- Improved air tightness

- The system allows for the enclosure of long openings.
- The use of energy-efficient glazing provides increased warmth inside the space.
- The system offers maximum panoramic views with 1.3-meter wide panels that slide effortlessly and silently.

To ensure maximum insulation, the system incorporates 3 layers of felt seals:
- Between panels
- Between the panels and the upper and lower guide profiles
- At the junctions between the panels and the side frame profiles

The use of a universal threshold allows for the enclosure of gazebos, terraces, restaurants, and cafes where pedestrian access is required. It does not obstruct movement, and the specially designed reinforced high-quality rollers ensure smooth panel sliding and can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. By using 20mm glazing, the system enhances the enclosure of your property, making it much warmer and more practical. The locks in the system can be installed at the desired height along the vertical axis, providing ergonomic usage and ensuring safety by locking from both the inside and outside.

Our innovative glass systems are designed to provide convenience and user comfort. From our wide range of systems, we will select the most suitable ones in terms of functionality and practicality, meeting all modern product requirements.

The ORIZZONTE THERMO sliding glass system features excellent sealing with 4 layers of felt seals between panels, 2 layers between panels and frames, and 2 layers between the lower panel profile and the supporting profile. The system utilizes reinforced rollers that allow smooth panel sliding. Each roller can bear a load of 120 kg, enabling panel widths of up to 1300 mm. Our company carefully controls all production processes to ensure high-performance and user-friendly systems.

  • Material aluminum
  • Slider type system
  • Accessories Color: Gray, Black
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Double-glazed windows of 22 mm
  • Seals between the sashes
  • The maximum width of one leaf is 1000 mm
  • The maximum height of one leaf is 3000 mm
  • Decorate with wood structure
  • Installation is possible where the system is completely hidden in the wall
  • Angular connection without an additional rack using an angular profile
  • Opening the system from the center
  • Opening the system with a shift to the right/left side
  • Mounting option where the lower and upper guides are hidden in the floor and ceiling
  • Openings can be closed without additional support for spans up to 11,000 mm in length and 3,000 mm in height
  • High-strength rollers, protect the profile from wear and exfoliation of paint
  • Lower guide rail with steel rail inserts

For all your sliding glass enclosure needs, choose ORIZZONTE THERMO. Experience the enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency it offers. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your project.

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