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Aluminante introduces Prada, an innovative freestanding floor system designed for constructing winter gardens, greenhouses, verandas, and more. Prada offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and embrace the surrounding landscape, enhancing the quality of living spaces with abundant natural light. Unlike traditional interpretations of winter gardens as unheated porches for seasonal use, our goal was to create a system that allows year-round occupancy.

At the heart of the Prada system is its independent, integrated roof structure made of thermally insulated aluminum profiles. The aluminum-glass roof features inverted "T"-shaped rafters and sub-rafters supported by continuous canopy beam profiles and wall joists. This innovative design enables the creation of complex roof geometries and the incorporation of windows and doors into the vertical walls.

The main structural profiles of the roof are the canopy beam and the adjoining wall beam, designed as hinges that support the roof structure and allow for a 5º to 45° rotation of the roof plane. Inside the room, the rafters and sub-rafters create a smooth surface integrated with the glass plane, while the exterior showcases visually striking rafters and glazing beads.

Aluminante's Prada Winter Gardens system excels in profile insulation, rainwater tightness, airtightness, and provides effective ventilation with the use of suitable equipment regardless of weather conditions. To ensure proper water drainage and ventilation, a cascading system of interconnected rafters and sub-rafters, along with rotational profiles for the canopy beam and adjacent wall beam, has been implemented. This design facilitates easy installation and processing of rafters in the workshop.
The canopy beam profile includes an integrated internal drainpipe that prevents condensation accumulation on the interior glass surfaces. Solid EPDM membranes ensure full waterproofing and wind resistance, while maintaining insulation and preventing cold air infiltration into the aluminum profiles.

Prada systems are available in two versions: Prada Q42 Premium and Prada Q40 Standard.

These systems offer the following features and benefits:
  1. Protection from rain, wind, and snow.
  2. Abundance of natural daylight.
  3. Cross-beam-free design.
  4. Modern and aesthetically pleasing form.
  5. Customizable to individual sizes and spaces (courtyards, gardens, etc.).
  6. Maximization of usable area.
  7. Resilience against strong winds.
  8. Adjustable levels of inclination.
  9. Easy installation process.
  10. Use of tempered glass in insulating glass units.
  11. Double-glazed windows for optimal insulation.
  12. Long-lasting durability.
  13. Internal and external gutters serving as drainage systems.

Key characteristics of the Prada system include:
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Filling: Safety glass/glass units of 10-12-20 mm.
  • EPDM gaskets for enhanced sealing.
  • Maximum width: 7200 mm.
  • Maximum projection: 5000 mm.
  • Weight load capacity: 180-220 kg/m2 (varies based on structure size).
  • Adjustable angle of inclination.
  • Powder coating available in a wide range of RAL colors.

Additional options for customization:
  • Ceiling lighting.
  • Tree structure-inspired decorations.

Choose the Prada Veranda Ceiling System from Aluminante to transform your space into a comfortable and elegant haven. Experience breathtaking views and elevate your quality of life with our cutting-edge ceiling systems.

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