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The VISTA aluminum awning pergola is a unique and versatile sun protection system featuring an automatic roof opening mechanism. Ideal for country houses, outdoor pools, and restaurant summer areas, these pergolas offer the best way to shield against the sun's rays. With their elegant design, they also enhance the ambiance of private house courtyards, restaurants, and hotels.

Extend your time on the terrace with a VISTA pergola, allowing you to enjoy pleasant moments outdoors. The built-in LED lighting creates a cozy atmosphere for evening relaxation during autumn or spring.

Aluminante's automatic pergola systems have revolutionized sun protection and shading solutions, seamlessly integrating with urban spaces and private estates. Perfectly suited for restaurants, cafes, hotels, country houses, and cottages, these motorized pergolas blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

By integrating aluminum pergolas with glazing systems and vertical awnings, you can transform open areas into fully functional indoor spaces like verandas or attics. The sliding roof is made with PVC-reinforced materials from renowned manufacturers such as SIOEN (Belgium) and Serge Ferrari (France), ensuring durability and performance.

One remarkable feature of these pergolas is their ability to withstand wind gusts of up to 120 km/h, providing reliable protection even in challenging weather conditions. Traditional pergolas can be customized to meet individual needs, whether mounted to a facade wall or used as freestanding structures. They can reach sizes of up to 128 m², and for larger canopies, modules from multiple pergolas can be combined. This versatility makes them ideal for both private and commercial open spaces, including hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

More than just shading structures, VISTA pergolas offer a comprehensive solution to shield against variable weather elements such as sun, rain, hail, snow, and wind. Equipped with integrated drainage systems and energy-efficient LED lighting, these pergolas provide practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic roofs made from reinforced tarpaulin with an aluminum frame, effortlessly controlled via button or remote control. Sensor climate sensors can be installed to automate the opening and closing of the pergola based on weather conditions, aligning with the trend of smart home integration.

For over a decade, Aluminante has been producing VISTA pergola systems, continuously improving their design to ensure flawless performance. The company prioritizes reliability and component quality to deliver the best products to customers.

Choose from various installation types for the VISTA pergola system, including separate, inclined, oval, gable, hanging, and roof opening without pillars. Two versions are available: Vista Q20 Premium and Vista Q22 Standard, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Key Features:
1. Modern aesthetic design
2. Protection against rain, wind, and snow
3. Customizable to individual sizes (courtyard, garden, balcony, etc.)
4. Maximizes usable area
5. Strong wind resistance
6. Adjustable levels of shading
7. Easy installation and operation
8. UV protection to prevent fading
9. Energy-saving with integrated LED lighting
10. Multiple control options: button, remote control, or via tablet/phone
11. Silent operation
12. Durable and low maintenance
13. Cost-effective solution
14. Improved indoor air management

- Material: Aluminum
- Awning: 4-layer reinforced PVC from SIOEN Belgium (density: 900 g/m²)
- Motor: SOMFY France
- Control panel: SOMFY
- Aluminum thickness: 3.5mm-4.5mm
- Fasteners: Impact-resistant and stainless steel INOX
- Built-in LED lighting
- Built-in drainage system
- Adjustable angle of inclination
- Wind load capacity: Up to 160 km/h
- Weight load capacity: 150-200 kg/m²
- Maximum width: 12,000 mm
- Maximum projection: 12,000 mm

Additional Options:
- Sun sensor for automatic control
- Rain sensor for automatic control
- Wind sensor for automatic control
- Tree structure decoration

Choose Aluminante's VISTA aluminum pergola to enhance your outdoor space, providing comfort, style, and reliable sun protection. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, durability, and aesthetics with our cutting-edge pergola systems.

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