PIEGA: Aluminum Folding Doors for Space-Saving and Functional Interiors

Discover the perfect solution for optimizing space and enhancing the functionality and comfort of your home with PIEGA aluminum folding doors. These doors not only save space but also add a touch of elegance to any interior, whether it's a small apartment, cafe, or restaurant.

Aluminante's PIEGA system is designed for various applications, including residential premises, shops, car dealerships, restaurants, and recreational areas where wide openings need to be covered or enclosed.

These folding doors are often used for periodic use, meaning they can be fully closed or open based on seasonal or commercial requirements. In the open position, the door panels neatly fold to the corner, creating a compact storage area and leaving the entire opening free.

With hidden rollers integrated into the upper and lower guides, the open structure remains sleek and uncluttered, without any visible overhead elements. The rollers and hinges are installed internally within the profiles, ensuring a clean and modern appearance.

Even if the doors are predominantly closed, the last section can serve as a permanent entrance door. The standard version of the doors features two rubber seal circuits to provide excellent sealing, and a threshold option is available, which can be recessed into the floor and sealed with brush seals.

The aluminum profiles can be custom-painted in any color from the RAL line, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the door structure into your interior and exterior design scheme.

The PIEGA system is available in several versions to suit different requirements:
- Piega Q60 Premium
- Piega Q61 Standard
- Piega Q61 Pro

Key Features:
- Available in cold series and warm series with a thermal bridge
- Offers 3 to 9-wing opening configurations
- Four-layer EPDM rubber seals ensure effective waterproofing
- Suitable for large openings up to 9 meters wide
- Choice of high or low threshold
- Smooth sliding operation and reliable performance
- Option for swing doors with inward or outward opening
- Odd or even number of unidirectional flaps can be selected
- Recommended sash dimensions: width 700 mm, height 3000 mm, maximum weight 100 kg
- Profiles can compensate for wall irregularities
- Provides 80% open skylight area
- High levels of wind, moisture, and air tightness
- Enhanced security with reliable anti-burglar fittings
- Wide range of RAL colors available for painting or anodizing
- Secure and airtight closure of the sashes
- Double-glazed windows with thickness options of 20 to 30 mm
- Reinforced polyamide thermal bridge ensures excellent thermal insulation

Technical Specifications:
- Material: Aluminum
- Thermal bridge: 16 mm in frame and sashes
- Frame depth: 60 mm
- Accessories: GU Germany
- Max sash width: 1200 mm
- Max sash height: 3000 mm
- Max glass thickness: 30 mm
- Min glass thickness: 20 mm
- Thermal insulation (UF): 2.25 W/m²K
- EPDM gaskets for sealing
- Custom painting available in any RAL color
- Decorative options to mimic the appearance of wood structures

Aluminum folding doors PIEGA

With Aluminante's PIEGA aluminum folding doors, you can optimize your space, enhance your interior design, and enjoy the benefits of a stylish and versatile door system. Explore the possibilities and transform your living or commercial space with PIEGA.