DAZZONI: Automatic Horizontal Zip System for Ceilings

Discover the Noble Protection from the Sun and Glare for Every Taste at Aluminante

Aluminante is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ceilings, and our product range proudly includes top-of-the-line DAZZONI sunshades and awnings for conservatories and independent ceilings.

DAZZONI awnings offer a perfect blend of superior quality and individual fashionable design. Sun protection has become an essential aspect of our living spaces, providing comfort, sophisticated design, and safety. Introducing the innovative solution for shading verandas, conservatories, and transparent roofs—the automatic horizontal ZIP system. Not only does it meet these requirements, but it also boasts an elegant and sleek design with unique properties such as enhanced thermal insulation and up to 97% ultraviolet radiation blocking.

This system creates a delightful shaded area on your terrace or in your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy even the sunniest of days. DAZZONI can be seamlessly integrated with almost any roof construction, making it an invaluable asset for your well-being.

Control the amount of sunlight entering your space and protect it from excessive lighting and heat. The fully rolled-up roller blind is safely concealed in a box closed by the lower profile, ensuring the fabric retains its vibrant color for years to come. The fabric enhances the visual coziness of your home, offers thermal and sound insulation, can darken the room, and provides transparency when desired. It is highly durable, resistant to pollution, and fire-resistant, adding a harmonious touch to your home.

The automated sun protection system is one of our company's most popular products, designed to accommodate small tolerances during roof structure installation. The entire system is constructed from anti-corrosion materials. DAZZONI features a fabric tensioning system that keeps the fabric taut in any position of the lower profile, preventing fabric loss from the guide rails. The box is securely attached to the guide rails, while the fabric maintains a safe distance from the roof of your winter garden or pergola through the cable-spring system.

Experience the added convenience of integrating LED lighting, allowing you to enjoy pleasant and extended summer evenings in your gazebo or conservatory.

For the DAZZONI system, we offer SOLTIS 86, 92, and B92 Serge Ferrari screen fabrics. These technical fabrics are specially designed to provide maximum protection against sunlight, ensuring thermal insulation and optimal natural light levels in your interior. Crafted from durable polyester fibers with a pigmented PVC surface, the fabric is treated using Precontraint technology, guaranteeing dimensional stability and durability. Enjoy excellent thermal insulation, visual and light properties, color stability (UV resistance), and fire resistance (B1, M1).

Choose from our selection of DAZZONI system versions:
- Dazzoni Q70 Premium
- Dazzoni Q71 Standard
- Dazzoni Q72 Pro

Key Advantages:
- Ideal solution for large glazed surfaces, up to 25 m2 in one frame
- Reduced sunlight exposure on horizontal glazed surfaces due to overlap
- Constant fabric tension thanks to the ZIP system
- Compact box design enhances the elegance of your veranda
- High wind resistance (up to 140 km/h)
- Ability to install motion sensors for wind, sunlight, and rain
- Mobile application management compatible with Android and iOS
- Remote control functionality
- Option to install LED lighting

- Material: Aluminum
- Fabric: Serge Ferrari
- Motor: SOMFY
- Control panel: SOMFY
- Width: 6000 mm
- Projection: 6000 mm
- Maximum area coverage: up to 25 sq.m.
- Customizable painting in any RAL color

Additional Options:
- Sun-touch sensor
- Rain-touch sensor
- Wind-touch sensor
- LED lighting
- Decorative tree structure

Visit Aluminante today to explore the comprehensive features and benefits of our DAZZONI automatic horizontal zip system for ceilings. Trust Aluminante, the leader in high-quality ceiling solutions, to provide you with noble protection from the sun and glare.

Automatic horizontal zip system for ceiling