Ceiling System for Conservatories and Verandas
Experience the beauty of nature year-round with Paretti Thermo Pro Q43, a versatile translucent structure designed to enclose various spaces such as greenhouses, verandas, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Aluminante offers an architectural and design solution consisting of vertical glazing, translucent roofs, and customizable opening elements like windows, transoms, and doors.

Expand your living space and connect with nature through a glazed winter garden in your home. Aluminante specializes in creating stunning winter gardens, terraces, verandas, and awnings, allowing you to enjoy the positive influence of a green living space. A conservatory is more than just a glass and aluminum structure—it becomes a serene sanctuary amid the urban hustle and bustle. Embrace a new quality of life, where comfort and tranquility merge seamlessly with vibrant plant life and a vibrant color palette.

A winter garden's foundation lies in its aluminum frame and translucent structure, typically filled with glass or double-glazed windows featuring opening and ventilation elements. Winter gardens serve various purposes, from housing tropical plants that require specific conditions, to expanding your living area with a beautiful garden oasis, or even creating a central space with a pool surrounded by aesthetically pleasing greenery. Modern warm conservatories maintain a pleasant temperature year-round, allowing you to revel in nature's beauty even during winter.

Two Types of Winter Gardens:

1. Warm Winter Garden: Enjoy protection and warmth in any weather, embracing a true quality of life filled with abundant positive energy and unparalleled pleasure in close proximity to nature. Experience a bright, modern, and transparent living space, providing additional room for leisure, family gatherings, and festive occasions. Your warm winter garden captures every ray of sunshine during the cold seasons, creating a delightful oasis for relaxation and connection with loved ones. Investing in a warm winter garden means investing in your future, elevating your living environment, and enjoying an exquisite quality of life.

2. Cold Winter Garden: An unheated "cold" winter garden extends the warm season or acts as a climate buffer attached to your home. Constructed with durable aluminum profiles, cold winter gardens offer exceptional strength, design flexibility, and ease of use, making them the preferred choice for glazing winter gardens.

Key Advantages:
- Create a private and relaxing sanctuary with natural lighting and expansive views of the surrounding area.
- Transparent walls and roofs visually expand the space, providing an open and inviting atmosphere.
- Improved heat and sound insulation for year-round use with warm glazing.
- Resistant to external environmental changes and temperature extremes.
- Easy-to-maintain aluminum structures are fireproof and showcase refined taste and style.
- Retains heat, allowing for year-round use as a living space or for cultivating exotic plants when supplemented with heating devices.

- Heat-insulated profile for optimal thermal performance.
- Internal statics ensure structural integrity.
- Roof slope adjustable from 5° to 45°.
- Simple and quick wall junction installation.
- High load-bearing capacity and maximum unsupported spans.
- Glass unit thickness ranging from 26 to 46 mm.
- Integrated drain gutter and downpipes within the profile.
- Various roof shapes and customizable lighting systems.
- Ventilation options, including sliding and folding windows, both manual and automatic.
- Profiles designed for the installation of sun protection systems.

Heating in Winter Gardens:
After constructing your winter garden, it is essential to establish a favorable microclimate by implementing an efficient heating system. Several options are available, including central or autonomous heat supply systems with water or electric heating devices located along the perimeter of the glazed room. Radiators and convectors in a winter garden should be approximately twice as powerful as those used in regular rooms of similar size.

Alternatively, you can incorporate infrared heaters, which quickly and evenly warm up the space. These panels can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings, providing natural, comfortable heating without drying the air or depleting oxygen levels. Another option is installing a "warm floor" system that ensures uniform and optimal heating. Heating cables radiate heat, creating an ideal temperature distribution throughout the room.

Ventilation in Winter Gardens:
Fresh air with a humidity level of 40-60% is essential for a pleasant winter garden environment. The choice between natural and mechanical ventilation depends on the plant species you intend to cultivate. For low-maintenance species that tolerate moderate temperatures (13-18°C), natural ventilation is often preferred.

Natural ventilation involves creating openings in the lower part of the conservatory for fresh air intake. These openings can be equipped with fanlight mechanisms and ventilation valves integrated into the profile systems. Air exits through hatches and roof openings, ensuring natural air circulation. Mechanical ventilation systems are selected based on the specific winter garden project, considering the shape, size, and technical characteristics of the glazed structure.

Winter Garden Lighting:
Creating a natural haven in your country house has never been easier with modern building materials and technologies. Efficient PVC profile structures and heat-insulating materials retain solar heat and warmth from heating devices, while window systems allow ample sunlight for plants. Additional lighting can be achieved through compact lamps and innovative fixtures. Mechanical or natural ventilation systems ensure a fresh air supply, allowing you to appreciate the garden's beauty throughout the year, regardless of the season.

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