Welcome to Aluminante, the leading provider of Aspetto Threshold-free frameless glazing systems.

Our glass walls and sliding frameless glazing systems are highly sought after by developers and consumers alike. They offer not only the opportunity to glaze balconies and verandas but also the flexibility to divide rooms into functional zones. Our top suspension models are particularly favored for their enhanced functionality and easy installation process. Among the best new products in this segment are the Aluminante Aspetto systems, which boast original designs and numerous advantages not found in any other similar models.

The Aspetto thresholdless frameless glazing system with sash parking is specifically designed for a range of applications, including the glazing of arbors, verandas, terraces, glass facades of cafes and restaurants, as well as creating interior glass partitions. The Aspetto mobile partition system comprises movable glass flaps suspended from a 5 mm thick reinforced aluminum supporting profile through roller carriages. These carriages, equipped with 8 stainless steel bearings, ensure smooth and effortless movement of the heavy flaps along the profile, allowing for versatile trajectories, including curved and angled movements. As the doors reach the edge of the opening, they are neatly collected in the parking zone, fully opening the glazed space. Depending on your requirements, the Aspetto system can feature one or two parking zones on the sides of the opening.

Our system's completely top-hung structure keeps the floor impeccably clean. By eliminating the need for flush floor profiles, the Aspetto system offers a compelling advantage. Additionally, this arrangement significantly simplifies the installation process. Once the installation is complete, only round plastic bushes, flush with the floor, remain as reciprocal parts for the latches.

Aspetto systems can accommodate sashes weighing up to 80 kg and utilize tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm. You also have the option to use tinted and frosted glass, as well as glass with decorative films and triplex. For customized glass designs, we employ the technology of applying frosted images on transparent glass and vice versa. Furthermore, roller blinds can be directly installed on the sash, allowing the curtains to move seamlessly with the opening and closing of the system. Our inter-wing seal consists of a special translucent or aluminum H-shaped seal, while the system features two brush seal contours (external and internal) with rigid brushes and a high pile. These seals effectively seal the gaps between the bottom of the sash and the floor, as well as between the top of the sash and the supporting profile. As for hinged doors, you have the freedom to choose any handles and locks suitable for all-glass doors.

Aspetto systems serve various purposes:

1. Sliding frameless glazing for verandas, terraces, and outdoor areas: With no protruding lower profile, our systems provide unobstructed passage while effortlessly transforming your closed terrace or gazebo into an open space.

2. Mobile partitions for offices, banks, and institutions: By utilizing Aspetto systems, you can create flexible zones within a room, such as conference rooms, workspaces, or multiple stores within a retail space. The system can be easily moved at any time, facilitating free passage between different areas of the room.

Our systems are available in several versions, including:
1. Aspetto Q50 Parking
2. Aspetto Q51 Butterfly
3. Aspetto Q52 Folding
4. Aspetto Q53 Folding Premium

Here are the unique features and advantages of our Aspetto systems:
1. Enhanced Speed: Our systems boast faster opening and closing speeds compared to other frameless glazing systems, thanks to the folding mechanism from the parking side.
2. Maximum Opening: With sashes parking on one side of the opening, our systems provide almost 100% opening capacity. This allows for ample ventilation, convenient passage, and the ability to enjoy fresh air and the surroundings.
3. Lower Threshold-Free Design: The absence of a lower threshold makes our Aspetto systems ideal for glazing verandas, terraces, and creating mobile walls in areas with regular foot traffic. Say goodbye to the risk of tripping over high thresholds.
4. Seamless Glass Wall: Our systems are designed without internal profiles or jumpers. This results in a sleek, uninterrupted glass wall that enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides unobstructed views.
5. Reliability: We prioritize durability and reliability in our systems. The profiles and mechanical components are made of high-quality aluminum and high-strength plastic, making them suitable for external openings and resistant to corrosion. The roller carriages utilize closed bearings that remain unaffected by moisture and dirt, ensuring smooth and quiet movement of the shutters. These factors contribute to the long-lasting performance of our Aspetto systems.
6. Quality Glass: Our flaps are crafted from impact-resistant toughened glass with a thickness of 10 mm. This robust glass can withstand substantial loads and resist strong winds. In the event of breakage, it does not produce sharp fragments, prioritizing safety.
7. Customizable Design: While our systems already feature a modern and aesthetically pleasing design, they can be further customized to suit your preferences. You have the option to paint the profile in any color, add decorative patterns to the glass, apply tinting, or create a matte finish.
8. Easy Installation: The absence of a recessed lower profile simplifies the installation process. Our systems can be installed even after completing the main repair work, saving you time and effort.

Additional characteristics and benefits of our Aspetto systems include:
- Folding frameless glazing
- Flexible options for the number of glass panels
- Visual expansion of space and wide views
- Silent operation despite being top-hung
- Ability to withstand high wind pressure
- Wide range of color options to suit your taste
- No lower threshold, ensuring seamless transitions
- Durability for long-lasting performance
- Easy glass cleaning for hassle-free maintenance

Technical Specifications:
- Guide material: Aluminum
- Top-hung glazing mechanism
- Stainless steel fittings
- Accessories color options: Gray, Black
- 10 mm tempered glass panels
- Transparent seals between leaves for a seamless look
- Max panel width: 1000 mm
- Max panel height: 4500 mm
- Powder coating available in any RAL color
- Optional decorative finishes to resemble wood structures

Choose Aluminante for high-quality Aspetto frameless glazing systems that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Experience the convenience and beauty of our innovative solutions for your glazing needs.

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