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At Aluminante, we offer professional services for manufacturing aluminum extrusions and matrices for producing aluminum profiles. Our process starts with cutting a billet of the appropriate size from rolled steel, matching the required grade based on the size table. The workpiece then undergoes forging and thermal processing in our workshop. After forging, tempering is applied to relieve internal stresses. Turning, grinding, marking, drilling, milling, and ultrasonic inspection are carried out as standard operations for all blanks used in pressing tools production.
For matrices, the process slightly differs. Matrix blanks undergo hardening, grinding, and electroerosion treatment. Following this, a series of finishing operations are performed, and nitriding is applied for reinforcement.

Our high-quality matrices cater to two main groups of customers:
1. Enterprises producing and selling aluminum profiles with their own pressing production.
2. Enterprises that outsource aluminum profile production and don't have their own presses.

Matrix tooling is changed after specific quantities of aluminum extrusion, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

We produce aluminum profiles using flat, disc-shaped matrices made of tool steel, customized to the intended cross-section of the final product. Our matrix kits consist of prefabricated tools made from high-quality steel, designed to give the pressed profile the necessary shape. These kits are meticulously crafted by world-leading experts in the field.

Aluminante provides matrices for two main types of aluminum profiles:
1. Hollow aluminum profiles, featuring one or more internal hollow spaces.
2. Solid profiles with no internal hollow space. We employ experienced specialists using specialized software to simulate the pressing process, ensuring precise parameters and a longer service life for the matrices.

Our comprehensive services include design, production, adjustment, crimping (with sample provision), and warranty support. We work closely with customers throughout the design process, from idea to finished product, offering recommendations for improved cross-section design and other technical aspects.

With a production time of just 4 weeks, Aluminante ensures timely delivery of high-quality matrices. The cost of each matrix is individually determined based on various factors and specific profile requirements.

Trust Aluminante for all your aluminum extrusion and matrix needs. We are dedicated to turning your aluminum profile visions into reality. Contact us today to bring your ideas to life!

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