At Aluminante, we take pride in our production process that involves several stages and utilizes specialized equipment. Our main machinery includes cutting machines for aluminum profiles, angle-pressing machines, milling machines, copying machines, and cutting presses. With a spacious workshop and professional-grade equipment, we efficiently process your orders at competitive prices.

Our production process for aluminum windows and doors involves cutting the aluminum profiles to the required sizes and processing the impost ends (the aluminum profile that separates the window or door) for the final products. The machines function by using specific milling cutters to create selections in the profile.
Extruded aluminum profiles play a crucial role in manufacturing aluminum windows and doors, and we continuously enhance our production equipment to meet market demands and incorporate the latest technologies. Our machines are versatile, enabling us to produce aluminum structures as well as PVC products.

Key Advantages of Aluminante:

1. Reliable Pneumatic Drive System: Our aluminum windows and doors are manufactured with a dependable pneumatic drive system that firmly crimps joints using 2-component glue in the corners.

2. Customizable Shapes: Thanks to the convenient adjustment of the clamping device, our aluminum windows and doors can be crafted in non-standard shapes.

3. High Work Efficiency: Our production processes are designed for high work efficiency, ensuring timely order fulfillment.

4. High-Quality Aluminum Profiles: We use premium aluminum profiles, free from unnecessary impurities, to ensure the finest end products.

Profile Cutting:

We employ modern saws for cutting aluminum and PVC profiles. Our CNC (numerical control) centers use saws to cut aluminum doors and windows, resulting in increased cutting speed and high precision. The CNC saw features two cutting heads that can rotate independently or jointly, allowing workpiece lengths of up to 3400 mm.

Angle Press:

Our angle-pressing machine is a specialized equipment for creating high-quality aluminum windows and doors. It efficiently connects aluminum profiles at a 90-degree angle using pneumatic or hydraulic knives. The machine's synchronous structure facilitates easy adjustment for various aluminum profile systems, preventing product deformation.

Milling Machines:

To process aluminum profiles, we use milling machines with larger teeth, ideal for achieving excellent results. These machines effectively cut the profiles to size and process the hypost ends to create the final products.

Copying and Milling Machines:

Our copying machines are designed for milling drainage holes, locks, cylinders, and pressure headsets in aluminum windows and doors. A specialist controls the milling process by moving the milling cutter along the copy matrix.

Bending Machines:

We also offer bending machines to bend aluminum profiles, allowing for the creation of arched products and facade structures.

Once the products are ready, we ensure all locks are adjusted, and the structures are carefully packed with plastic wrap and thick paper for safe transportation to the designated site.

Choose Aluminante.com for superior aluminum architectural system hardware, exceptional service, and top-quality products tailored to your needs.

Assembly of aluminum structures