Welcome to Aluminante.com - Your Reliable Partner in Innovative and Comprehensive Facade Glazing Design
At Aluminante, we specialize in designing facade glazing systems, ensuring a meticulous and reliable approach to our work. Our glazing design solutions are synonymous with reliability, exceptional quality, and impeccable results.
Cold and Warm Glazing Options for Restaurants
Aluminante offers both cold and warm glazing options for restaurants. Cold glazing structures effectively separate visitors from the street while providing unobstructed views. Ideal for terraces, verandas, pavilions, and gazebos. On the other hand, warm translucent structures are perfect for winter-use halls.
Consultation with Experts
Before proceeding with your cafe glazing project, consult our team of specialists to choose the most suitable option. Our experts are directly involved in the design and manufacturing of translucent structures, ensuring that the final products perfectly align with your preferences and building requirements.

Easy Application Process
Have any questions or want to submit an application? Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or the convenient feedback form on our website.

Benefits of Opting for Aluminante's Facade Glazing Design
- Thorough Inspection: We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your building's facade, providing expert advice to develop technical specifications for the design and manufacture of translucent structures.
- High-Quality Design: Our facade glazing project includes a well-structured documentation package, from terms of reference to draft designs and detailed drawings.
- Advanced Calculations: We employ modern software for precise calculations, ensuring compliance with thermal, sound insulation, climatic indicators, and static loads.
- Innovative Solutions: Our designs incorporate the latest advancements in facade glazing technology.
- Optimal Timing and Cost: We deliver efficient glazing designs at competitive prices, without compromising on quality.
- Material Optimization: Our expertise allows us to optimize the use of building materials required for the manufacturing process.

Stages of Facade Glazing Design
At Aluminante, our glazing design process follows a specific sequence:
1. Pre-Project Documentation: We create a preliminary design and technical specifications, considering various aspects of the structures and openings.
2. Working Documentation: Detailed drawings and assembly documentation are developed in accordance with industry standards and customer requirements.
3. Coordination and Preparation: Working documentation is coordinated with the customer, and specifications for materials and components are prepared.
4. Production and Installation: Translucent structures are manufactured and installed at the designated site.

Trust Professionals for Facade Glazing Design
Facade glazing design demands attention to detail, making it crucial to entrust this task to qualified and certified professionals. At Aluminante, we stand by our commitment to reliability, quality, and delivering impeccable results in every project we undertake.