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At Aluminante, we specialize in the development and production of various aluminum profiles tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive expertise covers a wide range of applications, including ventilated facades, translucent structures, partitions in offices, machine tool construction, exhibition and trade equipment, mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing for medicine and industry, interior and construction work, and much more.
High-Quality Aluminum Profiles:
We have a long and fruitful history of producing aluminum profiles using top-quality alloys such as AD31, 6063, and 6060, following GOST 8617-81 and 22233-2001 standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment, sourced from reputed manufacturers, ensures the highest quality and precision in every profile we manufacture. Additionally, we can produce profiles from other deformable alloys based on your specific requests.

Customized Drawing Aluminum Profiles:
Our drawing aluminum profiles are made-to-order, featuring various characteristics to meet your requirements:
- Diameter: Up to 200 mm, with a width of up to 240 mm
- Weight per Linear Meter: Up to 9 kg
- Length: 2.0-8.0 m
- Cutting Options: Tailored to your preferences

Customized Drawing Profiles:
We can produce custom drawing profiles based on your specific requirements. Our experienced team will closely follow your provided drawings and deliver profiles with precise dimensions and shapes. We offer flexibility in choosing the alloy for your profile, accommodating your preferences and needs.

Efficient Manufacturing Process:
Our manufacturing process involves cutting the appropriate-sized billet from rolled steel, followed by forging and thermal processing. The workpieces are then tempered to relieve internal stresses. Afterward, the profiles undergo turning, grinding, marking, drilling of technological holes, milling, deepening, and ultrasonic inspection to ensure quality and detect any defects or cracks. Our highly skilled specialists meticulously carry out each step of the process.

Versatile Applications:
Our drawing aluminum profiles find application in various industries. You can order profiles for ventilated facades, heating radiators, sliding furniture, translucent structures, office partitions, LED devices, machine tools, heat exchange systems, electronics, conveyors, exhibition and trade equipment, tent complexes, refrigeration equipment, transport engineering, ventilation systems, furniture manufacturing for medicine and industry, interior and construction work, outdoor advertising, and more. We are ready to fulfill your specific requirements.

State-of-the-Art Equipment:
Our production facilities are equipped with advanced machinery, including hydraulic presses with forces ranging from 100 to 2800 tons. We utilize optical pyrometers for precise temperature control during the process. All measurement data is carefully recorded and stored for quality assurance. Automated systems ensure efficiency and consistency throughout production.

Superior Finishing Options:
We offer anodizing services for aluminum profiles up to 7.5 meters in length. Additionally, the surface can be treated with sandblasting and catalytic gas nitriding, enhancing product durability and aesthetics. The final step involves packaging the profiles securely for transportation, using pallet packaging for ease of handling and storage.

Comprehensive Services:
Our products are designed for both aluminum profile manufacturers with their own press production facilities and companies that outsource their aluminum profile needs. We provide full support throughout the process, from design to the finished product. Our expert team ensures precise manufacturing and offers recommendations to optimize profile design and performance.

Choose Aluminante for your aluminum profile requirements, and we will bring your ideas to life with our expertise and high-quality manufacturing. Contact us today to discuss your project and get started.

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