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Wide range of components for aluminum architectural systems
At Aluminante, we offer a wide range of components for aluminum architectural systems, all manufactured in-house. Our main focus is to provide manufacturers of translucent structures with everything they need. We offer a variety of services to supply enterprises with system aluminum profiles in both "cold" and "warm" versions, facade systems, seals produced by us, as well as plastic elements and accessories.
High-quality and durable accessories for windows and doors
Accessories play a crucial role in the functionality and durability of windows and doors. We provide various metal parts and mechanisms that serve as auxiliary elements or fasteners for different products, such as furniture, windows, and doors. Our accessories include guides, hinges, door closers, door handles, locks, and other essential details. We ensure that our modern fittings for aluminum windows and doors meet strict requirements, providing both functionality and durability.

Unparalleled performance and design
Our fittings offer outstanding performance and management options. Whether it's a simple window handle or a sophisticated mechanism, you'll experience smooth and convenient operations with our high-quality and reliable accessories. The fittings are designed to withstand daily use, ensuring easy opening, closing, turning, and folding of window sashes. They come with a special corrosion-resistant coating, providing a long-lasting attractive appearance and complementing any interior design. Moreover, our fittings are available in a wide range of colors to cater to even the most demanding customers, and they are environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

Custom-made fittings and advantages of hardware manufacturing
Unlike many manufacturers who rely on third-party suppliers for accessories, Aluminante offers custom-made fittings according to your specific requirements. We manufacture a diverse range of metal parts and assemblies, whether according to your drawings or our own designs, in our advanced tool production facility. Our manufacturing process ensures high-quality products, full compliance with design documentation, and competitive prices.

Advantages of our fittings and accessories:
1. High-quality and precise manufacturing process.
2. Strict compliance with design documentation.
3. Competitive prices in the market.
4. Experienced and professional specialists.
5. Superior quality and wear resistance during operation.
6. Easy handling and maintenance.

Outstanding performance and longevity
Our accessories are designed to withstand rigorous testing and have an impressive lifespan. They can endure up to 40,000 opening and closing cycles and support flaps weighing up to 130 kg. With a service life of 10 years and exceptional corrosion protection, our fittings offer unmatched reliability. Additionally, our wax coating eliminates the need for frequent greasing, making maintenance hassle-free.

Innovative solutions for the world market
Aluminante continues to develop new solutions for the global market, catering to domestic manufacturers of window structures seeking to improve production efficiency and incorporate mechanisms that meet modern comfort and safety standards.

Choose Aluminante for top-quality accessories and fittings for your architectural systems, and experience the perfect balance of functionality, design, and durability!

Manufacture of accessories