Welcome to Aluminante, your trusted partner for the production of high-quality aluminum profiles. We specialize in manufacturing aluminum profiles according to your specific drawings, ensuring that the end result closely matches your desired configuration. Our production processes include hot extrusion and spinning methods.

At Aluminante, we can create aluminum profiles based on your custom drawings, enabling us to achieve profiles that closely resemble the final product. Our recommended and proven production technology for aluminum profiles is hot extrusion, which involves pushing the material through a specified hole in a die to obtain the desired shape. Additionally, we offer die manufacturing services for aluminum profile production.
Custom Profile Development:
If you require a profile that is not available in our catalog, simply provide us with a sample of the desired profile. Our team will create a drawing based on your sample, adjust the profile design according to your needs, and once approved by you, proceed with ordering the die.

Timeline and Pricing:
The production time for a die used in aluminum profile manufacturing is approximately 4 weeks. The cost of the die is determined individually for each profile and depends on various factors.

You only pay for the die once. If the die becomes out of size, we will replace it at our own expense.

Protection of Copyright Profiles:
For customers who develop drawings and pay for the die, the produced aluminum profiles will be exclusive and intended only for the owner of the drawing. These profiles can be kept out of the trade catalog, ensuring their confidentiality.

We take pride in our successful track record of copyright protection, with over 40% of our production dies being copyrighted. This demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding our clients' designs.

Material and Quality:
We use high-quality BOHLER steel from Austria to manufacture our dies, ensuring optimal strength and wear resistance for our products.

Why Choose Aluminante:
1. Lowest prices for die manufacturing, starting from 360 euros!
2. High-quality dies capable of producing over 10,000 kg of profiles.
3. Professional approach and expert consultations from our specialists with over 20 years of experience in aluminum profile extrusion.
4. Short production time for dies (3-4 weeks) and profiles (8 weeks without coating, 9 weeks with coating).

Contact Us:
To initiate the process, please send your drawings, sketches, photos, or sample models to our email: aluminante@aluminante.com.

Production of Custom Dies:
If you have a drawing, sample, or sketch, we can produce a die tailored to your requirements. To calculate the cost, kindly provide us with a drawing of the desired aluminum profile. If you don't have a drawing, our specialists can develop one based on the information provided by you or a sample. During the drawing development process, our experts will advise you on optimizing the profile design and potentially reducing the cost of the die. The cost of the die depends on the complexity category of the aluminum profile and certain characteristics, such as whether it is a closed or open profile and the number of profile exits from the die.

Individual Approach and Customization:
Our individual approach to aluminum profile production allows for more freedom and the realization of bold projects and ideas. Creating your final designs using custom aluminum profiles is cost-effective and enhances competitiveness.

Aluminante Company Expertise:
Aluminante specializes in manufacturing various aluminum profiles based on customer drawings. With extensive experience in designing and developing profiles for various industries, we have mastered several thousand profiles of any complexity, catering to diverse applications.

Quality Assurance:
All our profiles are made from high-quality alloys EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063 (equivalent to AD31) using primary raw materials that comply with GOST 4784-97 and international standards DIN 1725.

When you order profiles based on your drawings, you can expect them to conform to GOST 22233-2001 and GOST 8617-81, meeting your expectations in full. We also offer flexible delivery options, such as measured length, additional machining, heat treatment, and special packaging.

Anodized Profiles:
Our anodized profiles come with various oxide layer thicknesses, suitable for different operating conditions, ranging from 5 microns for protective anodizing to 25 microns for environments with a particularly aggressive atmosphere.

Place Your Order:
To consider your profile production, calculate costs, and prepare a commercial offer, we need your drawings with all the necessary dimensions, front surface specifications (for painted and/or anodized profiles), the length of the whip, and current requirements.

At Aluminante, we believe that a high-quality die is the key to your success. Our team is ready to assist you at every step of the process. Just contact us, and let's bring your aluminum profile projects to life!

Production of dies and profiles to order