Quality Control and Testing for Aluminante

At Aluminante, we prioritize the quality control of our products throughout all stages of production. All our products are accompanied by international quality certificates, ensuring the highest standards of our offerings.

To ensure the quality of materials, we employ a cutting-edge spectrometer from the renowned German manufacturer Spectro. This advanced tool allows us to conduct precise inspections of raw materials, guaranteeing that our products meet strict production requirements.
During the production process, each extruder is equipped with a fully automatic infrared temperature sensor. This sensor continuously measures and records the temperature of the aluminum ingot during pressing, providing real-time quality monitoring of the finished products.

After the extrusion process, our skilled professionals conduct thorough quality control to verify that the characteristics and strength of the materials meet the required standards.

For our finished products, we conduct comprehensive inspections of dimensions and other physical properties of extruded aluminum profiles. These include tensile, compression, and bending strength tests, all performed using state-of-the-art, computer-based, universal testing equipment. Additionally, we employ Webster and Rockwell hardness testers to assess strength and measure electrical conductivity. Furthermore, our use of an electronic caliper ensures dimensional accuracy.

Our product range meets the highest technological, operational, and aesthetic requirements. We cater to various industries, offering aluminum profiles for construction, advertising, furniture manufacturing, windows, doors, facades, balcony glazing systems, industrial ventilation, shower cabins, refrigerators, trade and exhibition equipment, wardrobes, radiators, cornices, stairs, lamps, and much more.

To ensure safe transportation and delivery, our extruded aluminum profiles are diligently packaged using plastic cases, film, packing tape, and other protective materials. For external packaging, we use cardboard, plywood, and wooden boxes, guaranteeing that the products reach our customers intact and in impeccable condition.

At Aluminante, we are committed to providing superior quality and a wide array of aluminum profile solutions. Get in touch with us today to fulfill your requirements with top-notch products and services.

Quality control